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In a burst of enthusiasm tonight, I grabbed my hoop and lay out the quilt to begin quilting.

IMG_4628I’m still pondering my black squares – yes a wave – brilliant! But I can begin to quilt the triangles. Remember there are more than one thousand!


A little rusty, it’s been a while, I threaded my needle, put on my thimble, and began to sew. A little awkwardly at first, I imagine it is what it might be like riding a bicycle for the first time in a while, I slowly picked up speed and confidence, wielding my needle more expertly after a few triangles.


I think the thread color I chose is going to work perfectly, blending and contrasting with the many blues of the quilt. One episode of New Girl got me through nine triangles. A good start!


This is a historic moment, you know. I’m sure sewing triangles will become so ordinary I won’t even think to take pictures. For now, I’ll enjoy the novelty of the moment, reveling in the texture and pattern the quilting creates. Isn’t it lovely?

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