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I’d like to share this baby shower quilt with you! I am so excited at how it turned out, and hope that you will be inspired to do a similar quilt for your friends who are having babies!

Before the baby shower, I cut various colored squares 8″ x 8″ and I purchased different colored fabric markers. I chose solid squares, but I think patterned fabric could work well too. On the day of, while the new mom was unwrapping her presents, I had a basket with a hard surface to write on, with the squares and markers, pass around the room. This allowed folks to take their time writing/drawing on a square while enjoying watching the presents get unwrapped.

To make the quilt slightly bigger, I interspersed the hand written squares with patterned fabric. I chose this lovely woodsy kids print. I sewed the squares into a simple patchwork block alternating pattern. In the middle, I put a special square, where I wrote Baby Shower, date, and names of the family.

Each square just shone with the love everyone had for the new family. I wanted to keep these personal messages the prominent piece of the quilt, I chose to quilt in simple parallel lines across the entire quilt. I kept the lines fairly tight, hoping and wanting this quilt to be used frequently and probably washed often!

Let me know if you have any questions, I think this is going to be my new go-to gift for future friends when they start their families.

I sent it off in the mail, and hope that the new family loves it and uses it.

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As you might remember, I shared a past post on printing photographs on fabric. I was inspired by the fall colors and early snow on the mountains. This week I started to play around with the fabric, and getting caught in the moment, finished the quilt in two days!

The quilt measures 16″x18.5″, and features blooming rabbit brush, fresh snow on Mt. Tom, and Aaron’s new cross bike. Winston made it into the quilt too, can you spot him?

This is one of my favorite fabrics in the quilt. Classic Owens Valley view of Mt. Tom off in the distance. I had fun with adding stitching to the image, enhancing the fence and mountain snow.

Close-up of the snowy mountains. Didn't that turn out nice?

Detail of the fence. Notice how the thread mimics the wood grain, so sweet!

I played around with repeating the bike's shapes with stitching around the quilt.

I think this will be a quilt to hang at home, and imagine it will always remind us of our bike rides here in the Owens Valley.

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Pollinator Quilt - Top Pieced

The completed pieced top for the Pollinator Quilt hanging on my design wall.

I declared today a sew day (not a snow day but a sew day). With sunshine coming in my windows in my sewing room, I got down to business. Playing with colors and squares, trimming and cutting and rearranging, sewing and snipping, I put together the top for my pollinator quilt. I chose a landscape orientation, unusual, I know.

Next – the quilting! I am thinking of trying to pull in some of the other colors, blue and green, maybe a little yellow. I am thinking swirling designs. Not sure about quilting on the white fabric yet. Almost three months to our guild quilt show. I think I might make it.

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