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A few weekends ago, our Out of the Box group met for our December meeting. We each brought our panel, and hung the strips on Nela’s design wall. We each had worked individually at home on piecing our mountain strips. This was going to be the first time we saw them all together. IMG_7820After we lined up the tops of the panels, we matched up the individual pieces, moving and adjusting as needed, to make sure major mountain lines and horizon matched up.

IMG_7814We all used different colors to make up the mountains, but chose to use the same piece of dyed fabric for the sky. I think it it absolutely stunning, with the white clouds and specks of purple. A really dramatic sky. Sky fabric hand dyed by Cathy. Makes the mountain scene look painted!

IMG_7822After all was lined up and pinned, we stepped back and enjoyed the view. It was stunning to see it all come together. To see what we’d already done, and to imagine what the finished product might look like. We have barely begun!

IMG_7827 StitchHere’s the mountain scene as a panorama, multiple photos stitched together. I want to work on adding some snow to my mountains, and maybe changing the fabric of the bottom foothill pieces, to be more brown and tan (my panel is Mt. Humphreys to the far left).

IMG_7835Then we moved onto the foreground. We chatted about greens and how to fill in the valley floor. We discussed how to transition the horizon line from the mountains to the valley.

IMG_7840We tried out various fabrics and color schemes, chatting with our neighboring panels about possible ideas.

IMG_7836Cathy and my panel border each other. I really want to have a big cottonwood in my foreground. We discussed how the cottonwood should extend over into her panel a bit, so she’ll get some of the trunk and leaves.

IMG_7839We laid out our paper strips, and Cathy sketched us a cottonwood to use as a guide. I’ve been thinking how I want sew the trunk and leaves. Maybe brown fabric for the trunk, with stitching to add textured bark. For the leaves, somehow using netting or solvy to stitch small scraps of green, to make a tree full of leaves. How would you sew a cottonwood tree with fabric?

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