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Browsing on Pinterest last week, I came across half square triangles. I didn’t know about them. In fact, I pieced an entire half square triangle quilt without knowing about them. I was floored. I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait to try it. I immediately started pinning every half square triangle quilt I could find. The possibilities were endless. Such a simple geometric shape that could become a myriad of stunning designs. And my hand dyed fabric would provide a perfect foundation for such designs. Without a moment of hesitation, I pulled out my recently dyed fabrics and separated them into dark and light values.

IMG_6266Then I cut each color into a square. I used this handy dandy chart I found to help me pick my size: 5 1/2″.

IMG_6269Then I randomly paired each dark square with a light square, and sewed 1/4″ all the way around, yes, every single side. This blog gives a good description and tutorial.

IMG_6272Each square pair then gets sliced into four triangles, by cutting a line from corner to corner twice.

IMG_6273The slicing and chopping went quickly, and pretty soon I had a sweet little pile of pieced triangles.

IMG_6274I pressed open each triangle square, and lay them out on my work table in a pattern (that I also found on Pinterest!).

IMG_6275And then the piecing began. One square to another. Two squares to two squares. Row to row. Like the tutorial mentioned, the bias in the triangles actually helps, and it was quite easy to push and pull a bit to get each square edges to line up.

IMG_6279The repetition was pleasing. The colors were calming to work with. Seeing the design come together was thrilling.

IMG_6280And then that sweet moment when it is all pieced, the last seam is pressed, and the quilt top is flipped over to admire.

IMG_6282Next, quilting! I put together my quilt sandwich of batting and backing. I decided I wanted to simply follow the piecing lines, accenting the stripes on the diagonal. I chose a light gray to use on the light stripes, and a dark brown to use on the dark stripes.

IMG_6283I recently purchased a walking foot for my sewing machine, and was eager to give it a try. I must say, it worked like a dream! The quilt was quilted in seconds flat.

IMG_6289Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, my oh my what a wonderful day.

IMG_6292Quilted! And then bound.

IMG_6294Here’s one more shot!

IMG_6302Our quilt guild had their annual picnic last Tuesday. Each picnic there is a challenge, to make a quilt using a certain limitation. This year the challenge was to use solids. Perfect!

IMG_2618About ten ladies or so entered the challenge, with everything from quilted bags and more.

IMG_2613We each talked to the guild about what we made and how we made it.

IMG_2625It was a lovely picnic, complete with summer monsoon rain, good food, and friendly faces.


Perhaps the little half square quilt will go to the fair next!

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