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Serena's Hexagons

The beginning of my scrap quilt, joining hexagons together.

Over the holidays I discovered a great project to take on the go, and have now become hooked. Commonly known as Grandmother’s Garden, here is my scrap quilt of hexagons.

I started by drawing a hexagon, using a penny! Trace around the penny making a circle. Make six more circles around the first circle. Draw a tangent line on the outer edge of two circles, continuing around until you have six sides! Cut out as many paper hexagons as possible. Baste fabric to paper with large stitches. Whip stitch two hexagons together. Continue! Once a hexagon has all six sides pieced, snip your basting threads and pull out the paper to reuse.

I’m almost through my stash, and will soon be raiding yours! My goal is to have a true scrap quilt, with no single piece of fabric repeating. Call me crazy, but it does pass the winter hours.

Paper Pieced Hexagons

A few paper pieced hexagons ready to sew onto the quilt.

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