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{My DIY Wedding Series – Post 2}

Do you know what bunting is? I didn’t. And now do.

As I entered the world of wedding planning and wedding decorating, I (of course) started a Pinterest Board to collect the DIY wedding ideas I was attracted to. One image that I came across and loved is this outdoor wedding site, with bunting flagging strung from tree to tree.


My wedding was also going to be outdoors, in an open valley surrounded by forest. I knew I didn’t need a lot in terms of decoration, as the verdant green valley and forest were going to be decoration in themselves. I kept being drawn back to the flagging though, and knew this might be a crafty project I could sink my teeth into.


I had been already thinking about wanting burlap table runners down the middle of each table, and had been chatting with Margaret about where to get burlap. She was traveling down south and offered to pick me up some. What a great friend – not only did she pick me up some, but it was on sale, and she got me a whole bolt – as a wedding present!


Now I knew I wanted some of the bunting to be burlap, but I also wanted some to be colorful too. Margaret in her infinite awesomeness, had also given me two sheets, a white sheet and a light green sheet. And thus my wedding colors were decided on. One Saturday Kim came over for a sew day, and while she was at her machine quilting a baby shower gift, I made a cardboard template, and cut out a few practice triangles.

IMG_0776I sewed a test strip about ten feet long, and hung it on our back fence to try it out. I liked the size of the triangles, and the spacing between the triangles, but I decided to make the string skinnier.

IMG_0769With my triangle size decided on, I began cutting. And cutting. And cutting. I think I ended up with almost 100 each of burlap, light green, and white triangles.

IMG_0768I took another sheet I purchased at the thrift store, and tore it into skinny strips.

IMG_0786And then I sewed. Just a simple zig-zag stitch, sewing the triangles to the string. I used whatever color thread I had in large quantities. It was a good way to use up a lot of thread that I was worried was too old! Like my invitations, I sewed a little here and there, in the evenings and on the weekends. I kept piles of triangles by the machine, and sat down whenever I had a moment. It went quickly, as I alternated between the three different colors.


The bunting was great fun to hang a few days before the wedding. I still wasn’t sure how much I had made or if it would be enough. Turns out I made plenty. I had yards and yards of flagging. There was enough to go all around the valley, up at the ceremony site, and more.


It gave the site such a festive look. I’d highly recommend it to anyone planning decorations. For a small amount of effort, it packs a big punch.

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