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Last Saturday, I had the great joy to help host a baby shower for a dear friend. We’ve had the party planned for some time, with a salad potluck, bingo game, this silly ice cube game, and more. Of course, last minute, a few days before, I started thinking about decorations and color. I wanted to make something playful and fun to make the event colorful and festive.

babyshower bingo

The invitation was pink and green, with this cute owl and circles. I used the same imagery from the invitation on the bingo card. As I started to browse pinterest for possible decoration ideas, I was wondering if there was someone to use the colored circles. And what did I find? Paper garlands!

photoThey were super quick and absurdly easy to make. I purchased a circle whole punch from Joann’s, and started punching out lots and lots of colored circles. I picked pink, green, and beige to match the colors on the card.

IMG_5772I wasn’t sure how many circles to punch, and how much time I’d have to make it, so to start with I did about 12 sheets worth. Each sheet made 12 circles, so about 144 circles in varying colors.

IMG_5774Then using a light pink thread, I sewed the circles together, with a simple straight stitch. It went super quick, one circle after another. As the circles came off the machine, it was easy to stack them in a pile so they didn’t get tangled.

IMG_5790After the first batch went together so quickly, I punched another set, sewed that, then punched another set, sewed that . . . I wasn’t paying much attention to how long each set was. I knew on the day of, I could just snip the garlands apart if I wanted shorter sets for smaller areas.

PicMonkey CollageThey were quick and easy to hang, around tables, along window sills, as streamers on the fence . . . They added such color and fun! I was really happy with how they turned out. And the mom-to-be took a few home to hang in the nursery! I’d highly recommend for anyone planning any type of party. Let me know and you can borrow my circle punch!

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