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You might remember last June we had a baby shower for my friend Kim. I posted on the paper garlands I stitched as decoration for the shower. One of our activities was also to personalize quilt squares for June, which I planned to later sew up into a quilt. This was my second of such quilts, they are so fun to make!


I had pre-cut flannel fabric squares in various colors, and had drawn borders on each square to give folks a guide for writing and drawing their message for June within the seam limits. Kim had two baby showers, and brought her squares to both, and also distributed to various friends and families, until we had a large stack of quilt squares!

IMG_8129In May, I visited with Kim and baby June (already 8 months old!). June was a big help laying out the squares.

IMG_8131I think she loved the feel and colors of the squares. Maybe she’ll be a quilter too, like her mom and grandma!


Kim also got to make a square, for the center, with June’s name, date of birth, time and weight.

IMG_8136There was so much love for June, the blanket quickly reached full size with just the squares. We played around with laying out of fun arrangement of random colors.

IMG_8137With both of our machines stitching, and June keeping us company, the quilt top quickly was pieced.


That afternoon, I basted the three layers and began quilting. I opted for the walking foot, with just simple quilting around the edges of each block.


It was such a pleasure to read each message as I quilted. The love for June absolutely shines from the quilt! The flannel fabric was hard to work with, the fabric is pretty stretchy, and my squares quickly became pretty wonky. Luckily, there was so much love and color in the quilt, my funky stitching kind of just disappeared!

IMG_2264For a binding, I chose a bright yellow, to be a bright pop of color against the pretty blues, greens and pinks that made up the majority of the quilt.

IMG_8150The backing fabric was a cute flannel pattern, of zoo animals. Doesn’t it look cute with the yellow?

IMG_8148After running it through the washing machine to erase the marker lines, the quilt got a cozy, snuggly, slightly wrinkled look. Perfect.

IMG_8146Here’s a few close-ups of the cute and heartfelt messages to June. The fabric pens did fade slightly after washing, but not too bad.


May the quilt wrap June in all the love of this world she is going to grow up in!

IMG_8142I’m hoping the quilt gets dragged from room to room, inside and outside, made into forts, used as a table for tea parties, snuggled with at night, washed a million times, and loved until it is threadbare. I hope you enjoy it June!


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Last Saturday, I had the great joy to help host a baby shower for a dear friend. We’ve had the party planned for some time, with a salad potluck, bingo game, this silly ice cube game, and more. Of course, last minute, a few days before, I started thinking about decorations and color. I wanted to make something playful and fun to make the event colorful and festive.

babyshower bingo

The invitation was pink and green, with this cute owl and circles. I used the same imagery from the invitation on the bingo card. As I started to browse pinterest for possible decoration ideas, I was wondering if there was someone to use the colored circles. And what did I find? Paper garlands!

photoThey were super quick and absurdly easy to make. I purchased a circle whole punch from Joann’s, and started punching out lots and lots of colored circles. I picked pink, green, and beige to match the colors on the card.

IMG_5772I wasn’t sure how many circles to punch, and how much time I’d have to make it, so to start with I did about 12 sheets worth. Each sheet made 12 circles, so about 144 circles in varying colors.

IMG_5774Then using a light pink thread, I sewed the circles together, with a simple straight stitch. It went super quick, one circle after another. As the circles came off the machine, it was easy to stack them in a pile so they didn’t get tangled.

IMG_5790After the first batch went together so quickly, I punched another set, sewed that, then punched another set, sewed that . . . I wasn’t paying much attention to how long each set was. I knew on the day of, I could just snip the garlands apart if I wanted shorter sets for smaller areas.

PicMonkey CollageThey were quick and easy to hang, around tables, along window sills, as streamers on the fence . . . They added such color and fun! I was really happy with how they turned out. And the mom-to-be took a few home to hang in the nursery! I’d highly recommend for anyone planning any type of party. Let me know and you can borrow my circle punch!

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I’d like to share this baby shower quilt with you! I am so excited at how it turned out, and hope that you will be inspired to do a similar quilt for your friends who are having babies!

Before the baby shower, I cut various colored squares 8″ x 8″ and I purchased different colored fabric markers. I chose solid squares, but I think patterned fabric could work well too. On the day of, while the new mom was unwrapping her presents, I had a basket with a hard surface to write on, with the squares and markers, pass around the room. This allowed folks to take their time writing/drawing on a square while enjoying watching the presents get unwrapped.

To make the quilt slightly bigger, I interspersed the hand written squares with patterned fabric. I chose this lovely woodsy kids print. I sewed the squares into a simple patchwork block alternating pattern. In the middle, I put a special square, where I wrote Baby Shower, date, and names of the family.

Each square just shone with the love everyone had for the new family. I wanted to keep these personal messages the prominent piece of the quilt, I chose to quilt in simple parallel lines across the entire quilt. I kept the lines fairly tight, hoping and wanting this quilt to be used frequently and probably washed often!

Let me know if you have any questions, I think this is going to be my new go-to gift for future friends when they start their families.

I sent it off in the mail, and hope that the new family loves it and uses it.

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Quilting on Grace’s baby quilt continues. A little bit here and there. I found the most perfect quilting pattern, dogwood, here. I think this matches the theme of earthy and Grace perfectly. Will I be done in time for the baby shower? We’ll see!

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