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Dye Transfer – Silk Ties

Margaret and I were inspired to try the dye transfer technique, featured in the October/November Quilting Arts Magazine. For the last month, Margaret has been visiting thrift stores looking for 100% silk men’s ties, in colorful and interesting patterns. This afternoon, we met to give it a try.

First – lay out the silk scarves in an interesting pattern.

First step

White silk scarves are layed down on top of muslin, then silk ties placed on top.

Fill up half the scarf with silk ties, then fold scarf over. Because the ties are two sided, the scarf will be dyed from both sides.

Fill up entire scarf.

Working in a sunny kitchen, Margaret and I happily snipped and cut, arranging our silk ties in fun patterns.

When scarf is full, roll up inside muslin into a tight bundle. Tie with string.

Scarf Roll

Silk Burrito!

Put in non-cooking dye pot with water, and 4 tablespoons vinegar. Boil for 20 minutes.

Scarves being dyed.Rinse with cold water, and open up to reveal pattern. It is almost as good as Christmas morning opening gifts. You never know what color will transfer. For example, a black patterned tie transferred as a beautiful green. The scarves fairly shimmered in the sunlight.

Finished scarves.

Finished scarves - only one more step of heat setting the dye with the iron.

What is next? We need more 100% silk ties!

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