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I was very pleased when my sister’s quilt received a first place ribbon in the original design category!

The judges comments were:

“Piecing technique good. Distribution of individual blocks well handled. Cloth produced is unique. Wonderful use of color. Amount of quilting good. Unique piece! (emphasis added)”

Now the quilt lives in Tuscon, Arizona. When I saw a picture of it in my sister’s house, I realized that with the yellows and turquoise, it was a very southwestern quilt.

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As you may remember, one year ago, I pieced this quilt top for my sister. Today – it is finished! Though I won’t sent it to her in the mail for another week, as I’ve entered it in our Tri-County Fair quilt show. But here are a few photos of the last finishing touches.

Finishing the quilting on a longarm machine. I love those waves!

I had fun playing with repeating geometric designs of quilting.

Sewing on the binding, using some of my hand-dyed turquoise fabric.

And done! This is one of my favorite batik pieces. I think this is what I like best about this quilt, it is very complex and there are these little parts of color and design that make me happy.

Happy Birthday Becca! Please be patient, I know it has already been a year, I’ll drop the quilt in the mail just as soon as the fair is over.

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Sew day with Kim. She worked on a lovely pink and white purse, and I made a ironing board cover and sewing machine cover.

Kim at the sewing machine

Kim sewing

Ironing board cover

Machine quilting Becca’s quilt continues. Today I took inspiration from an article in the most recent Quilting Arts, featuring this square squiggly pattern.

Machine quilting

Machine quilting pattern

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Here goes – my first large size machine quilted quilt! As you may have noticed, I identify myself as  a hand quilter. So you may ask why am I machine quilting? I wanted to make my sister a quilt, and I wanted it to be a quilt that would be used and loved. She is a rock climber, raft guide, outdoor adventurer, and an EMT studying to be a nurse, so she needed a quilt that is sturdy and can travel. I want something she can throw in the wash a thousand times and bring with her everywhere. So I decided to try machine quilting.

Becca's Quilt

Sister's Quilt - Hand dyed batik fabrics, machine pieced, top ready to be quilted. (Winston is standing by for back up).

So this weekend I jumped right in. I’ve received great tips from quilter friends. Roberta’s advice – look at a square foot of fabric, and plan ahead where you want to start and end up. Kim’s advice – practice drawing on a white board with a pen in your hand, held like a fist.

Becca's Quilt Quilting

And here it is! The first square foot quilted.

I was surprised at how much upper body strength it takes to move the whole quilt around. I was pleased with how quickly it goes, and the effect of being able to quilt more densely. I can’t wait to continue. It won’t be long Sis!

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Machine quilting my first quilt with matching pillows. I started with the pillows to practice my machine quilting, and quickly grew frustrated. Even with the feed dogs down, I couldn’t go left, right, or backwards . . . Luckily, our local quilt guild, Calico Quilters, had their annual picnic this evening, and I was able to question a few quilter friends. The trick? Roberta mentioned I needed to change my stitch length to zero, and as soon as I got home, I gave it a try, a voila! It worked!

Here’s a sneak preview of one side of the quilt. I thought it would be fun to make a two sided quilt, with each side of the pillows matching one side of the quilt! Double the fun 🙂 This side will be using my newly batiked and dyed fabric.

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Finished Batik FabricsAfter a week of boiling, rinsing, washing, dyeing, discharging . . . The fabrics are finished! I can’t wait to begin to use them in a project. Hmmm . . .

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