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This afternoon the wind came howling through town, making it impossible to go outside. Which was okay, because with three weeks until our Calico Quilt Guild Show, I had some work to get done. Three of my four pieces are ready – the last, the pollinator quilt, is ready to be quilted.

Pollinator Quilt Pieced but not Quilted

Pollinator Quilt pieced but not quilted, hanging on my design wall.

I’ve spent the last few weeks mulling over patterns. This afternoon, with the wind screaming, I settled down on my couch with the Quilter’s Stitch Bible, and on the first few pages found the perfect answer. For the flower panels, to accent the drawing and embroidery, I decided to use Kantha quilting. It originated it Bangladesh where it was often stitched on Sari fabric. The background area of a design is filled with stitching, beginning with echo lines working outward to fill the entire space. A bit like this:

Echo quilting on the pollinator quilt

Echo quilting accenting the flower.

For the inbetween blocks of solid color, I chose a common Sashiko Quilting pattern, interlocking circles forming what looks like petals of leaves. I think the repeating geometric pattern crossing the lines of the blocks will help pull the whole quilt together. I think I just might get it down before the show if my fingers hold out (and the wind continues to blow).

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Pollinator Quilt - Top Pieced

The completed pieced top for the Pollinator Quilt hanging on my design wall.

I declared today a sew day (not a snow day but a sew day). With sunshine coming in my windows in my sewing room, I got down to business. Playing with colors and squares, trimming and cutting and rearranging, sewing and snipping, I put together the top for my pollinator quilt. I chose a landscape orientation, unusual, I know.

Next – the quilting! I am thinking of trying to pull in some of the other colors, blue and green, maybe a little yellow. I am thinking swirling designs. Not sure about quilting on the white fabric yet. Almost three months to our guild quilt show. I think I might make it.

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Pollinator Quilt

Visiting with my friend Margaret, chatting about the guild quilt show in May, got me inspired to start finishing a few UFOs to put in the show (UnFinished Objects). I pulled out my three embroidered flowers, and starting putting them together. Each one has a pollinator on it: hummingbird, butterfly and insect. First, I drew the flower on the muslin, colored it in with crayon, melted the crayon to the fabric, and embroidered around the drawing.

Hummingbird Square for Pollinator Quilt

Hummingbird Square, Crayon drawn on Muslin, Hand Embroidered

Here are the three pieces together, in a horizontal arrangement.

Pollinator Wall Hanging

Pollinator Wall Hanging - the first layout.

It gets even better. All the fabric was dyed by hand, using natural dyes. Cabbage, tumeric, marigolds, and rabbit brush. It’s all in the details.

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