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Ocean Waves – high tide!

What an incredible feeling. This morning I sat down at my sewing table and began the much familiar routine of piecing triangles for my Ocean Waves quilt.

The morning hours sped quickly by and suddenly, after months and months of piecing, my pile of triangles was gone and all the blocks were pieced!

I’m so proud of my stack of blocks – 15 square blocks, 11 half squares, and 2 quarter squares – that I just have to share one more picture.

Oh so beautiful. I couldn’t resist the urge to lay them all out to get the feel of the quilt. Drum role please.

Oh my goodness, they aren’t even pieced yet and they take my breath away. I think I’m in love.

Already, my head is spinning with next steps. What color border should go around the edges? I need about ten inches worth to bring the quilt up to the size of a queen size quilt. What pattern to quilt with? What color thread to quilt the quilting with? What color fabric to put on the back? Maybe I’ll dye more since the front is mostly dyed fabric.

Can I get it all pieced, layered, and basted in time to spend the long dark winter evenings hand quilting? I hope so!


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Like the ocean tides with its ebb and flows, my progress on my ocean waves quilt continues. I piece here and there when I find time.

Noticing that my stacks of triangles were getting smaller and smaller, I took a moment to lay out the pieces I had completed. Not quite high tide, but close!

I have the edge triangle pieces to complete, and then can piece the top together! Get ready, high tide is coming.

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With sun streaming in my windows, I had a lovely day at my sewing table.

I finished off a little wall quilt for Merlyn, from my great blue heron, and packaged and sent it off in the mail.

I finished a set of scrappy coasters for a friend. I like to think of it as scrap therapy. Check out the specks of red, so delicious!


And I cut 254 more triangles, for my Ocean Waves quilt. I was struck by the loveliness of the pile of scraps when the cutting was all done.


I hope your day was lovely as well.

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When I suddenly found myself with a few unexpected free hours midweek, my first thought was, need to dye blue fabric! I took a lovely and sunny warm afternoon to pull out my dyes, and ended up with seven yards of twenty-four new colors.

When Aaron saw the finished colors today, he commented that they looked like sea foam.

Which pleased me immensely, as these colors will become triangles and part of my Ocean Waves quilt. Adding sea foam to the ocean waves. I like that.

I dyed six blues, from purple-blue to green-blue, and each color in three values. Then, mixing all my leftover red, yellow, and blue dye, I made my mystery browns.

I do love a mystery brown or too. Such depth of color.

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Ocean Waves

I began Ocean Waves in the fall of 2008. I dyed 27 shades of blue.

I then cut my blues into triangles. This quilt is going to use 1,008 triangles.

And then piecing began. For each square or triangle, I carefully laid out the triangles, making sure color values were distributed evenly across in a random arrangement.

Here you can see my two completed triangle pieces and two square pieces. Stunning, no?

I’m following a schematic from “How to Make an Amish Quilt” by Rachel and Kenneth Pellman. Despite the simplicity of their schematic, sewing this quilt is actually a lot more complex. Practical how to details have been left out of the Assembly Instructions.

I am determined to finish this quilt. The hand quilting on the black will be absolutely out-of-this-world. I’m seeing blue thread on black . . .

But something needs to change. Something about how I was piecing before made it too time consuming. I think I need to find a quicker, logical, chain-piecing style to get these triangles pieced. Here’s a few of my ideas, which I’ll go into in more detail in the next few posts:

1. Identify triangle units, and chain-piece triangles into these units in a factory-line manner.

2. Figure out a way to keep various values from light to dark evenly distributed across the quilt, so your eye keeps moving across the quilt like you do when you gaze out at sea.

3. I need to dye more fabric (!) and cut more triangles (!). I haven’t reached my 1,008 triangle count yet. I have 724 triangles, so 284 more are needed. How many colors will there be in this quilt? More than 27!

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