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To celebrate my mom’s birthday, I wanted to make her something colorful and fun to hang in her office at work. I had started these squares one playful afternoon with scraps of my dyed fabrics. Things quickly came together, and most of all, it was pure joy to put together.

For the back, I used fabric I painted at our last Out of the Box meeting.

After painting, I covered the fabric with a piece of fence and ferns and leaves. As the fabric and paint dried in the sun, a faint impression of the objects was left on the fabric.  Lovely, isn’t it?

To quilt, I chose a thicker heavier thread, to really accent and play with texture. Using different colors, I made bold simple lines across the quilt.

As my mom unwrapped her present, and held it up for the whole family to see, my brother asked me, “Did you forget to use your ruler?” As a matter of fact, I did.

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Loopy Log Cabin

Last week I received a call from a good friend of my mom. She has a nephew who is expecting a baby in March. The first thing she thought of wanting to give him is a quilt of mine. Wow.

This will be my first commissioned project. First, I found out if she had some preconceived ideas of what she’d like. She did. She requested my hand dyed fabric. Something artsy. Not baby like.

So the quilt has been brewing in my mind. It is a neat challenge, to start a project with a few criteria. Almost like it has helped get the creative thoughts flowing. It also helped that the request came at a time when other projects in the queue were finished.

Here’s the sketch I’ll be presenting her with:

I am imagining a simplified log cabin style block, in the no measuring no rulers style of my coasters. Freely pieced with randomly chosen scraps.  The first square of the block will be one color, and the rest of the pieces will be another color, accenting the first square. Here is my first test block to see how it would come together. I like it a lot!

Hmm, I have a few friends also expecting babies. I think I might become quite busy!

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