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Stitch by stitch my equilateral quilt grew, until one day it was suddenly … done!

After ironing the top flat, I prepared it for quilting by making the quilt sandwich. It was evening and I was tired and skipped a few steps thinking it would help speed things along.

Famous last words. Skipping steps never speeds things up, and I discovered a number of bumps on the fabric backing. *sigh*

I set the quilt aside and returned fresh at another time, carefully taping down my layers, keeping each flat and taut. Voila – the quilt was ready for quilting!

I decided I wanted to use cotton perle thread for a large stitch look. And of course I then felt like being a little playful and using lots of different colors instead of choosing just one.

I chose a radiating star pattern, using the natural diagonal line of the patchwork to make the quilting lines. I alternated colors randomly as each thread ran out.

For the binding, I selected a mixture of yellow and yellow-green fabric. I think the bright colors complement the quilt well, while also blending in with the green.
I gifted the lap sized quilt to my mother-in-law Joann for Christmas, thinking it would be lovely to snuggle under as a lap quilt or use as a room accent on a couch.
All fabric hand dyed by yours truly, the quilt top is hand pieced and hand quilted. You can read three other posts on this quilt here, here and here.

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In a burst of enthusiasm tonight, I grabbed my hoop and lay out the quilt to begin quilting.

IMG_4628I’m still pondering my black squares – yes a wave – brilliant! But I can begin to quilt the triangles. Remember there are more than one thousand!


A little rusty, it’s been a while, I threaded my needle, put on my thimble, and began to sew. A little awkwardly at first, I imagine it is what it might be like riding a bicycle for the first time in a while, I slowly picked up speed and confidence, wielding my needle more expertly after a few triangles.


I think the thread color I chose is going to work perfectly, blending and contrasting with the many blues of the quilt. One episode of New Girl got me through nine triangles. A good start!


This is a historic moment, you know. I’m sure sewing triangles will become so ordinary I won’t even think to take pictures. For now, I’ll enjoy the novelty of the moment, reveling in the texture and pattern the quilting creates. Isn’t it lovely?

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To celebrate my mom’s birthday, I wanted to make her something colorful and fun to hang in her office at work. I had started these squares one playful afternoon with scraps of my dyed fabrics. Things quickly came together, and most of all, it was pure joy to put together.

For the back, I used fabric I painted at our last Out of the Box meeting.

After painting, I covered the fabric with a piece of fence and ferns and leaves. As the fabric and paint dried in the sun, a faint impression of the objects was left on the fabric.  Lovely, isn’t it?

To quilt, I chose a thicker heavier thread, to really accent and play with texture. Using different colors, I made bold simple lines across the quilt.

As my mom unwrapped her present, and held it up for the whole family to see, my brother asked me, “Did you forget to use your ruler?” As a matter of fact, I did.

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In September, I entered my most recent quilt, “Rainbow River”, in the Eastern Sierra Tri-County Fair Quilt Show. It was the first judged quilt show I had entered. I was looking forward to getting critiques back from the judge on each of my quilts. The result? Best of Show in Handquilting! (though the judge did not appreciate the occasional dog hair, she said it detracted from the quality).

Best of Show - Hand Quilting, "Rainbow River", by Serena Loweree

"Rainbow River" by Serena, Hand Dyed, Machine Stitched, Hand Quilted,

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