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Our Out of the Box quilt group gathered last Saturday to paint on fabric! We were inspired by a tutorial shared by Quilting Arts, for a simple project using a design and water color technique. You can check it out here.


Basically, we started with fabric and drew with dark sharpie the outlines of your main design. I chose a poppy wildflower design from a coloring book.


Then from there the choices get to be a bit more varied. You can wet the fabric or paint on it dry, or lightly dampen with a squirt bottle… So many different effects depending on what you hope to end up with. Then start to paint!


I think the overall idea with the tutorial was to let the colors bleed to mimic a water color effect and the black sharpie pattern would provide the definition. Experimenting with the paint and bleeding effects was most of the fun!


Keep adding more color!


And then I thought, maybe too much color? I found it really challenging to control how dark the paint would be once dry. My first couple of tests were practically white once it dried even though while wet they looked beautiful. So then I started to use thicker paint and the colors seemed to dry brighter.


My second guess for the disappearing color was maybe when I lifted the fabric off the table to move it to the sun to dry, the paint shifted and ran. I tested this theory by moving the painting on a board to dry in the sun and it seemed to fade less. I can’t say whether it was diluting the paint less with water or not disturbing it before it dried … but I seemed to start to get more consistent colors.


My favorite of the days experiments was this one. I like the layout of the flowers and the final colors.


The second awesome piece about the day was seeing each other’s designs. Each was so varied in pattern, color choice, and creativity. Each reflected the individuality of the maker.


Cathy with a piece inspired by art nouveau.


Laura with her sun and sky and mountains.


Nela with her free form flower bouquet and Margaret with her pears and fruit.


Marilyn with her autumn collection of pumpkins and leaves.


And an elusive sighting of … me! (Thanks Cathy for sharing pictures!) I can’t wait to stitch and turn them into mini wall hangings.

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