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Yesterday I had a lovely afternoon escaping the heat for the mountains, to see some wildflowers and our mountain quilt at an art show in Mammoth Lakes.

DSC02259The Mono Council for the Arts has a show called “Hello Spring” that has been up since April, and I finally made it up to see the show. So many beautiful pieces of artwork bursting with color and life. When we submitted a picture of the quilt to the show, the curator was excited because they hadn’t had a quilt in one of their shows before!

DSC02260I was particularly pleased with how they hung the quilt so artfully from a branch. What a great idea! They pinned strips of fabric at different lengths depending on the curve of the branch. Cool!

PicMonkey CollageWe also had a great time going for a wildflower hike. While it is summer already here down in the valley, up in the mountains it is still spring!

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April’s swatch barely held my attention. Circle’s again?!
DSC02160But I persevered, which included having it sit away for several weeks while I fumed in my mind about more circles. Guess polka dots aren’t really my thing.

DSC02162The swatch finally caught my attention when I decided to embellish with beads and stitches, making a clam shell pattern.

DSC02251May was a tad better, at least it was a different stencil design! But the technique of reverse applique was the same we had done previously. Perhaps you can hear some impatience in my tone.

DSC02256I haven’t done a club where the pattern is decided for you. I find that I am balking at the limitation of being told, do it this way.

DSC02254And yet with that restriction, comes creativity. It is often once I get to the embellishment with beads that I begin to enjoy the swatch.

DSC02253For May I decided to play with sequins, and the Alabama Chanin book has some great examples of how to stitch them down using only threads in different patterns and using beads too!DSC02252I also enjoyed adding not just beading, but simple running stitches. The piece fairly sings with all the layers and textures. Was my perseverance rewarded? Yes! And June and July (which both have already arrived in my mail box) look promising as we are going to dive into doing a different technique. Yay! Even if July is polka dots … again.

Have you had a project that challenged your interest and still you pushed through? Did you find a benefit come out in the end?

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