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Stitching the Waves

Almost every evening, I sew on my Ocean Waves quilt. I have it in a basket next to our couch, ready to pull onto my lap, with a little bag of thread, needle, thimble and scissors.


Right now, we are enjoying the show Hell on Wheels, and I stitch away while transported back in time. In about a 45 minute show, I can sew around nine triangles. Just recently, I switched to a new needle, as I noticed my previous needle started to bend and be curved from all the use.


I tried a quilting hoop with a stand, hoping it would help with my posture and back pain from sitting too much. I didn’t really like it, as it was awkward to use and move the huge quilt around. Instead, I’ve switched to a very small quilting hoop, which means I need to move it every three triangles, but the small diameter means I don’t hunch curved over it as much.


For every triangle, I am stitching a quarter inch triangle smaller inside. I can do about three triangles for each thread length, before I need to knot and re-thread.

IMG_1893 For the black squares, I chose a sashiko pattern from a Japanese quilting book I have, of three waves cresting in a circle. I made a cardboard stencil of the pattern to transfer it to the black fabric when I am ready to quilt.


The chalk holds up relatively well while sewing, not disappearing and staying long enough for me to quilt around all the lines.


I was somewhat shocked when I realized I hadn’t posted about my Ocean Waves since December 2012. Yikes! I thought it was time to share what I’ve been up to, and I was curious to get a sense for how much quilting is left to do. I hung the quilt on our clothes line and enjoyed taking some pictures today.


Every night, as I quilt only a few triangles, I wasn’t really sure how far along I was. I’m nearing the edge, and had the sense I was getting close, but how close? If you can imagine the quilt continuing to the top, instead of hanging over the clothes line, I have one row of triangles and black squares along the left long edge and top edge. Then after that, I have the black border to do. I think I can safely say I’m over half way there!

progress so far

It was also a treat to get to get a sense for how the stitching is going to look when it is all done. I picked the patterns with a specific hope and look in mind, and am just now getting to see their effect.


The circle wave sits simply in the black square, surrounded by swirling triangles.

IMG_8672I am happy with the look of the triangles too, the dense stitching creates a textured effect that is just wonderful.

IMG_8681Here’s from the back, I hand dyed some fabric, and I think the variation adds interest while still allowing the stitch pattern to shine through.









I still have two different sized small black triangles to fill, they fit in at various parts along the edge of the quilt. And to decide on the stitching for the black border. I have some ideas in mind! But that will be the next post. Time to get stitching!



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