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We had a great adventure road trip through Oregon. Two weeks of rivers, mountain bikes, breweries, coffee shops, and camping.

PicMonkey CollageAnd through it all, I found time to pull out my travel sewing quilt and quilt. Just a moment here and there. In the evenings by camp light. In the lazy mornings with a second cup of tea.

IMG_1342What was great is how the small size of the project allowed for any amount of time. I could pull out my kit and sew for five minutes or an hour. However long the moment lasted.

IMG_1180Sometimes Winston even kept me company!

IMG_1340I think this will be my go-to-project for whenever I’m away from home, camping with friends, visiting family for the holidays, taking the plane on trips. If I’m traveling the kit will come along!

PicMonkey Collage2Just as our trip was coming to a close, I sewed the last triangle I had pre-cut and brought with me. Almost 200 triangles!

IMG_6737After arriving home, I’ve already restocked the kit with more triangles, and am wondering how big I want to make this quilt. Lap quilt size? Go for a twin quilt? It comes together so easily and effortlessly, if I just worked on it here and there . . . I think it would grow pretty quickly! How big do you think I should go?

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Yes, I missed our county fair this year. Yes, I was sad to not see all my very talented friends’ entries. Yes, I am such a fair junkie that even though I wasn’t going to be in town during the fair, I still entered! This was due thanks to Lesley who dropped off and picked up my entries. Thanks Lesley! And congrats on your best of show, well done!

As I’ve said in the past, part of what I enjoy about entering the fair is to receive the judge’s comments. So here’s what the judge had to say this year! First, my two knit entries.

IMG_6755This was my first scarf and second knitting project ever. I used some of my rabbitbrush dyed yarn in a pattern called branching out. Judge’s comments: strive for consistent width.

IMG_6754This was my second shawl, made with some of my blackberry dyed yarn. Judge’s comments: beautiful delicate piece. Combination of stitch patterns appreciated. Scalloped edge noted. Strive for consistency in stitch.

So now for knitting I know I need to strive for consistency – a nice phrase!

And now my three quilt entries, two of which are from my recent infatuation with half square triangles.

IMG_6756My half square maze, a small wall hanging. Judge’s comments: a subtle and pleasing asymmetrical design. Placement of lights and darks create good contrast. Very good machine quilting. Good binding technique.

IMG_6758And a larger half square quilt, crib size, in a chevron pattern. I don’t think I’ve posted a picture of this one yet! Judge’s comments: hole noted in fabric of center taupe block. Color placement well developed. Excellent piecing. Excellent echo quilting and quilting stitch. Very good binding technique.

IMG_6760And my playful mosaic quilt. Judge’s comments: Graphically beautiful design. Originality appreciated. Faced seams noted. Some stitching problems noted on back. Strive to perfect binding corners. Machine applique well done.

There you have it, a nice blend of positive constructive criticism. I especially like the world strive. Next year, I’ll not miss the fair, honeymoons only come one time around. I’ll be posting pictures of my travel quilt soon!

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