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Chapter 5 – Mosaic

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Unfortunately, again, I missed February’s monthly meeting of the Art Quilt Work Group. Despite missing the meetings, I’m excited about my mosaic series, and continue to keep up with the exercises and monthly blocks.

piecing, v. To repair, renew, or complete by adding pieces; to join into a whole (from Middle English pece: piece).

Chapter 5 looked at innovative piecing techniques, from machine-pieced freehand curves, wonky piecing, to inserting strips. I went through the exercises in the book, getting a feel for each of the techniques.

piece collage

After giving them a try, I thought about which I’d like to use or how I could incorporate the piecing into one of my mosaic blocks (following the idea the book encourages to work within a theme). I was drawn to the machine-pieced freehand curves, and drew up a sketch of what I was imagining.

test-4I was imagining repeating waves of the curved piecing, in a type of purple mountain majesty look, like mountains look off in the distance. I wanted to play with gradations of one color, going from light to dark. I was seeing the piecing being the back ground of the mosaic, with the mosaic tiles on top mirroring the shape and flow of the piecing.


Pulling out my dyed fabric stash, with my sketch as a guide, I began to play with difference color combinations. In the end, I was drawn to this combination of blues for the background (sky), and purples for the mosaic tiles (mountains).

test-7I pieced the colors together, so that the curves would get closer and closer together as the mountains got closer to the horizon.

mountain collageFor the mountains, I cut strips of the purple that matched the curves of the background. I ironed fusible interfacing on the back, then cut those into skinny strips, and then cut the strips into small mosaic tiles. I did it this way instead of placing random cut tile pieces, because I wanted to preserve the curve of the mountains, so the mosaic tiles would seem to float and flow across the quilt top.

test-13Once the mosaic tiles were cut, and placed where I wanted them, I fused them to the pieced background. I made a quilt sandwich with batting and backing, and stitched down the mosaic tiles with purple thread.

test-14Now that I have four blocks complete, I couldn’t resist laying them out together to see a glimpse of what the completed quilt might look like as more and more blocks get added.

test-18I like it! Vibrant colors. Interesting patterns. Depth with the mosaic tiles.

test-21I can’t wait to make more!

Anyone have suggestions on how to bind them together, since they are already quilted, I need a type of binding to connect them.

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