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New look to Sew Serena

I’ve been thinking about updating the look to my blog. Browsing a few of my favorite blogs that I follow gave me a few ideas. Sunday, Kim and I took Petra dog for a walk along the canals, and I brought my fabric and camera along.

I was imagining hanging the fabric on a barbed wire fence, with our granite Sierra peaks as a backdrop. The day was quite cloudy with the first storm of the year coming our way.

Since we got started in late afternoon, I had the mountains as my backdrop with my camera facing straight into the sun.

I got creative, facing different directions, playing with the light and background.

Kim pointed at this tree off in the distance as a nice background. Believe it or not, we were in the middle of a cow pasture, just off to the left were many cows!

I especially like the clothespins on the barbed wire in this shot, the dramatic clouds and sky, blooming rabbit brush, and color combination of these three fabrics together. All in all, it was fun to take my hand dyed fabric outdoors to photograph. I hope to do more!

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Last Sunday, my dear friend Margaret and I teamed up to share with our local quilt guild the new, fun, quick and easy technique to dye fabric from ice we learned in our Quilting Arts magazine.

We gave a quick demo, explaining how to soak the fabric in soda ash, how to fold and manipulate the fabric, and options for containers and how to drain.

Margaret started demonstrating with her own fabrics for the day, that she wanted to color and pattern to make mountains. She folded and scrunched the fabrics into her containers, sprinkled blues, grays, purples and black dye powder on the ice. That’s all you do! she exclaimed.

It was a lovely fall day, with the sun shining warm and bright in Nela’s backyard, and the quilters all got to work.

Cathy brought a rug she found at the thrift store, and put it in this large tub to dye.

Nela had a pieced butterfly that she didn’t like the colors. She bleached it and then over dyed it.

I was attracted to some of the dyes Penny brought with names like Pomegranate, Terracotta, and Orange Marmalade. The result was a bright fiery mix.

I had folded my fabric accordion like, back and forth, then rolled into a tight spiral, like a snake curled. The result was this repeating pattern.


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