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This Memorial Day weekend, our local quilt guild, the Calico Quilters, have their bi-annual quilt show at the Methodist Church on Saturday and Sunday. This year’s theme is A Small Town Quilt Show.

Each quilt show, there is a quilt challenge. This year, the theme was postcards of the Eastern Sierra. Each postcard had to be 6″ x 9″, fully quilted and with a binding.

For my postcard quilt, I chose to quilt a map of our small Bishop town, showing the major roads, highways, creeks, and rivers that make up the valley floor. Isn’t it cool?!

For those who might be curious, I traced from a map onto tracing paper the roads and water I wanted included. I then pinned the tracing paper map to my quilt sandwich, and quilted away! Once it was all quilted, I tore and peeled off the tracing paper. Tweezers came in handy. And ta da – a beautifully quilted map. Don’t you love the compass rose?

I also made a set of four scrappy coasters, that will be part of the raffle at the quilt show.

I used the fabric I hand dyed as part of the sea foam colorway. They are backed with fabric I discharge patterned.

This set of coasters could be yours! Stop by the Small Town Quilt Show and enjoy the weekend’s festivities.

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Like the ocean tides with its ebb and flows, my progress on my ocean waves quilt continues. I piece here and there when I find time.

Noticing that my stacks of triangles were getting smaller and smaller, I took a moment to lay out the pieces I had completed. Not quite high tide, but close!

I have the edge triangle pieces to complete, and then can piece the top together! Get ready, high tide is coming.

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