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Dyeing to Quilt

Saturday was a dye day. Five yards.

I dyed a twelve step color wheel in two values. Yum.

I played around with neutrals, mixing blue, red, and yellow to make brown.

More yum.

And I finished the last dye on some batik fabrics I had started a while back. I think they turned out fantastic.Which one is your favorite?

Purple Flower Stars

Sagebrush Bicycles

Waving Grass

At the top, Blue Stripes and in the middle, Brilliant Stars.


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Loopy Log Cabin

Last week I received a call from a good friend of my mom. She has a nephew who is expecting a baby in March. The first thing she thought of wanting to give him is a quilt of mine. Wow.

This will be my first commissioned project. First, I found out if she had some preconceived ideas of what she’d like. She did. She requested my hand dyed fabric. Something artsy. Not baby like.

So the quilt has been brewing in my mind. It is a neat challenge, to start a project with a few criteria. Almost like it has helped get the creative thoughts flowing. It also helped that the request came at a time when other projects in the queue were finished.

Here’s the sketch I’ll be presenting her with:

I am imagining a simplified log cabin style block, in the no measuring no rulers style of my coasters. Freely pieced with randomly chosen scraps.  The first square of the block will be one color, and the rest of the pieces will be another color, accenting the first square. Here is my first test block to see how it would come together. I like it a lot!

Hmm, I have a few friends also expecting babies. I think I might become quite busy!

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Pound, pound, whack! These were the sounds coming from my sewing room last weekend as I put the finishing touches on Lady Beatrice’s dress. Aaron came to investigate who and what was making all the racket, and this is what he found:

A very excited Lady Beatrice came over to try  on the dress. She of course looked stunning in it. I can’t wait to see her on stage (with make-up on!). Only three more weeks. If you want to see her too, buy your tickets today.

Dress and Bodice folded and ready to deliver to the theater. Only three more weeks until opening night!

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Transmetallic Quilt

Which is short for the transparent metallic quilt. This quilt –  originally conceived by Kim of Follow Your Bliss Quilting and blocks designed by our Out of the Box art quilt group – is amazing!

To see what Kim and I were up to this morning, see Kim’s post here: http://fybquilting.blogspot.com/2011/02/creative-explosion.html. What do you think the judges will say when we enter it in the 2011 Tri-County Fair Quilt Exhibit?

Here’s a sneak peak (yes, that is a shower curtain!):

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