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At our December Out of the Box meeting, Jenny demonstrated her technique of weaving a quilt. She starts with strips of batik fabrics, and a base of felt covered entirely with wonder under. From my small piece I made at our evening meeting, I put together this small set of pot holders as a gift.Woven pot holders

Each strip of batik is sewn with a zig zag stitch, then machine quilted. I really enjoyed playing with multiple colors of thread, and I liked the texture that the tight stitches gave.

Woven pot holder

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Christmas Gifts

Now that the gift-giving days of Christmas have passed, I am excited to share photos of some of the gifts I made this year. I am very proud to say that every gift I gave except two were hand made by me. This process was interesting to experience – it made giving the gifts very special and meaningful.

Many family and friends received a set of scrappy coasters.

Scrappy Coasters

Completed sets of scrappy coasters.

These were made with my hand dyed fabric pieced for the front, backed with discharged hand dyed fabric on the back, and machine quilted.

Back of Scrappy Coasters

The back of the scrappy coasters were made using fabrics I patterened with the discharge method.

Making so many encouraged me to go with the flow, randomly choosing colors and shapes. Once done, each set had its own feel and character.

Scrappy coasters

Machine pieced scrappy coasters with hand dyed fabric, randomly cut and pieced.

At one moment, during a white elephant gift exchange, as my siblings were stealing one set of coasters from each other, I thought I was about to be responsible for a family feud. I think I’ll have to make a set for my other siblings to keep the peace. 🙂

Scrappy Coaster front

Scrappy Coaster Front

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Redefining Scraps

I have been busy sewing Christmas presents every spare moment I have. I love sitting down for even just fifteen minutes, picking up at whichever step I left off on. While I can’t share the finished product with you (until after Christmas!), I can share with you a revelation I had.

I am not a collector, or saver. I do not keep scraps. Until now. My definition of scrap has been redefined. This project called for scraps. And while I started cutting up my fat quarters of dyed fabrics, and as I began to sew, I began to see how many colors coming together creates a unique effect, and that with very small squares, funky squares can be sewn.

Scrappy scraps become squares

Small scraps become funky squares.

By the end of the project, I had many small scraps that I just couldn’t through away, imagining more projects of scrappy scraps making funky squares. Scraps don’t take up much space, do they? Especially when they are my hand dyed fabrics, from now on, not a piece shall be thrown away!

Scrappy scraps

The pieces too small to sew began to fill up this mason jar. I imagine I will soon have many such jars!

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