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Here goes – my first large size machine quilted quilt! As you may have noticed, I identify myself asĀ  a hand quilter. So you may ask why am I machine quilting? I wanted to make my sister a quilt, and I wanted it to be a quilt that would be used and loved. She is a rock climber, raft guide, outdoor adventurer, and an EMT studying to be a nurse, so she needed a quilt that is sturdy and can travel. I want something she can throw in the wash a thousand times and bring with her everywhere. So I decided to try machine quilting.

Becca's Quilt

Sister's Quilt - Hand dyed batik fabrics, machine pieced, top ready to be quilted. (Winston is standing by for back up).

So this weekend I jumped right in. I’ve received great tips from quilter friends. Roberta’s advice – look at a square foot of fabric, and plan ahead where you want to start and end up. Kim’s advice – practice drawing on a white board with a pen in your hand, held like a fist.

Becca's Quilt Quilting

And here it is! The first square foot quilted.

I was surprised at how much upper body strength it takes to move the whole quilt around. I was pleased with how quickly it goes, and the effect of being able to quilt more densely. I can’t wait to continue. It won’t be long Sis!

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Judge’s Comments

One of the interesting pieces about entering a quilt in the fair is that it is a judged exhibit. Here’s the judge’s comments on my quilt. What do you think?

Playful Pollinators, Wall Hanging, Hand Quilted category, 1st and Best of Show

“Uneven placement of blocks is well balanced. Embellished running stitch outlines gives definition to floral elements. Placid elements generally well handled. Sashiko stiches generally well handled. Change in color of thread appreciated. Binding generally well handled.” Maybe I should change the name to Generally!

Lodore Quilt, Wall Hanging, Artistic, 3rd Place

Canyon of Lodore, Green River. Wall Hanging, Artistic category - 3rd place.

“Color palette is visually pleasing and well coordinated. Balance between sky and earth is successful and waterflow invites the view in. Strive for consistency in stitch length. Binding technique generally well done.”

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This afternoon I visited with Roberta and other quilt ladies at the Tri-County Fair Quilt Show. What fun to look and talk about quilts with other quilters. And guess what? I got a Best of Show! For Hand Quilting with my Playful Pollinators quilt.

Playful Pollinators, hand sketched, hand embroidered, hand dyed fabric, hand quilted.

And here were a few more that were lovely and inspiring. Enjoy!

Pelican, by Roberta Lagomarsini

by Margaret Phelps

Petroglyph quilt, by Margaret Phelps

Petroglyph quilt, by Margaret Phelps

by Roberta Lagomarsini

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Last Tuesday, my boyfriend gave me a batik melting pot and wax for my birthday, how did he know it was what I always wanted?! So of course, with my first free moment, I plugged it in, grabbed some hand dyed fabric, and started playing.

Batik table

Ready, set, go, melted wax, paint brush, fabric, and a lazy Sunday morning.

I took inspiration from everywhere, the flowers blooming in my garden, the bicycles in the garage (wait until you see that one!), and Japanese quilting designs.

Japanese quilting design for Batik

This pattern is called pampas grass, a Japanese Sashiko quilting pattern.

I’m imagining discharging the fabric, so that after I remove the wax, there will be light green grass blades blowing in a field of white. I can’t wait. If only every weekend could be three days long.

Off to the fair tomorrow, to check out the quilt exhibit with some quilter friends

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