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Saturday afternoon, hand dyeing fabric.

On Sunday, I was invited to a batik party (!), so I had to get ready. Saturday afternoon I began dyeing fabric, six half yards in different colors.

Letting the fabric sit for hours, soaking up the dye.

After letting them soak overnight, I rinsed them out in the morning to dry. Then came the most fabulous part of all – and I will be getting my own wax warmer and batik wax soon! A few quilting friends and I sat down to paint wax onto fabric, and we didn’t stop for many hours! It was fun to see all the different patterns each came up with, and to see different personalities emerging in the art. I chose bold and large designs, waves and ripples and triangles and leaves.

After covering the fabrics with batik, discharging the dye to new colors.

Then, this afternoon after work, it was time to discharge. Basically, it just means bleaching your fabric, but whichever part had wax on it stayed the original color.

A sneak preview - how wonderful!

Some fabrics, I only dipped a few times. Above, the yellow was once green fabric, and the brown was once purple.

Fabrics with color discharged all the way

For these fabrics, I chose to discharge all the way, with the intention of over dyeing them another color. I can’t wait! Next steps, melting all the wax off . . .

Some of my inspiration and direction came from this fabulous book: Color your Cloth by Malka Dubrawsky.

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